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  • Bruno Neve de Mevergries Ambassador of the Royal Embassy of Belgium to Poland I wish to express that the Belgian Embassy was extremely satisfied with the organization by 24/7PR concerning the visit H.R.H. Prince Philippe. The Embassy was impressed by the efficiency and professionalism with which the visit was arranged. Thanking your company once again for your perfect cooperation.
  • Lukasz Jadachowski Country Manager Poland Hey Karol, Very good interview for Brief. Even Barak Obama and his spin doctors would not do it better ;). And what a photo!!! Very solid piece of work!!!  Thanks!
  • Krisztina Csaki Senior Legal Counsel Procter & Gamble Central Europe Every detail of the visit was carefully planned and perfectly executed, so there were no misses, despite the incredibly tight agenda. This to me shows the strength of every individual and the team as a whole. VERY WELL DONE and THANK YOU!
  • Illya Kondratyuk Brand Manager Old Spice & Gillette APDO Central Europe I want to thank you for the great PR event which I think was one of the best I’ve attended so far in P&G. ... .. Thank you and looking forward to fantastic impressions results.
  • Marta Pokutycka PR manager On behalf of us all I wanted to thank you very much for the workshops. They were professional, full of expert and inspiration!
  • Dorota Karwala Manager Corporate Communication Opening The Family Children’s Home worked out very nice. Thank you for help. There is a good media coverage. The Bosses are happy too.
  • Ewa Ciesielska Audience Marketing Manager Thank you very much for preparing today’s conference- I Am really pleased with it. Besides, I Am sure you have heard positive opinions from our partners and you know they do not heap praise easily.
  • Olga Adamkiewicz Brand Manager Fabric & Home Care New Business Development
    Central Europe North
    Super! I am mega, mega proud of you! Mega
  • Marta Sokołowska Brand Manager Hair Care 1. I value your positive attitude to the client, contact with you.
    2. You are open to changes and flexible, what was were important to us during that kind of meetings.
    3. I liked your attitude that 'everything can be done', you were always ready for help and fast reaction. Thank you for your commitment you are easily accessible, it is easy to make.
  • Agnieszka Pocztarska Brand Manager Bardzo dziekujemy za wszystko. Na prawde jestesmy bardzo zadowoleni ze wszystkich wspolnych dzialan - dziekujemy
  • Szymon Michalik Senior Brand Manager Heineken W imieniu calego zespolu bardzo Wam dziekuje za profesjonalne przygotowanie wizyty Marka. Mark byl pod wrazeniem organizacji, programu wizyty, dokumentow briefingowych i Waszego zaangazowania. Dziekujemy serdecznie za super wsparcie!
  • Małgorzata Wadzińska External relations director Agatko - bardzo serdecznei dziekuje za podsumowanie. Podpoba mi się ten standard!
  • Matej Podobnik Communications Brand PR Manager P&G CE In the name of the entire P&G crew, I would, first and foremost, like to thank ALL of you for all the great work & input you have provided for Isaiah's visit to Warsaw. You all did amazing work and it was a great experience watching the expressions on people's faces yesterday and on Monday – smiling, laughing, happy. The plans prepared around his visit set the stage for the results to start coming in – and this is your work! So, once again – THANK YOU!
  • Elzbieta Miodek Prezes Zarządu Thank you very much for your great and professional support, especially that offered in such short time.
  • Marta Pokutycka PR manager I would like to thank you for the whole event and hard work. Thank you for your enthusiasm, it was really great job. Well done!
  • Agnieszka Brzezicka Trade Marketing Manager I believe you are the best agency that we have ever worked with, especially considering dedication and commitment at the hire and at the site, we could count on you in every minute.
  • Małgorzata Wadzińska External relations director I would also like to thank you a thousand time for your support during the project and the event itself. What’s important, your nerves of steal made us calmer during this emotional time – and we needed that.
  • Ewa Ciesielska Audience Marketing Manager Congratulations of a team you are making. I am impressed with your commitment, enthusiasm, big flexibility and capability of fast reaction for changing situation. Any way, it was worth searching for you for 3 months last year.
  • Przemek Pohrybieniuk Director External Affairs & Sustainable Development …this is the best PR piece we have ever done
  • Louise Marcotte Director European Communications Congratulations to you and your teams for a great and successful launch of the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. What a start to our WCD activities!!
  • Ewa Jaroslawska Brand Operation Integration Manager That was amazing experience!!! I would recommend such team to anyone.
  • Katarina Štimac Assistant Brand Communications, Fabric & Home Care, CE I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE this! Amazing piece of creative work!
  • Ruslan Kinebas CEO Cadbury Poland Once again big thanks for the great job you guys did on this project with us. We could not have done this without your help. I really see you more and more as a part of the team.
  • Elliot Adams European PR Manager Thanks so much for this, it is enormous! Great job on everything for our launch, really happy with the way it all went and we are really happy with the number of people who visited and with the number of people who created a Yelp account as a result of the media launch.
  • Jacek Chwalisz Partner Strategy and Development Manager Joining all thank-you letters and congratulations I like to add that you are an agency with a human face (faces). I assume that in the nearest future we will together achieve many great things, as a routine.
  • Malgorzata Mejer PR manager P&G CE Thank you for the summary and a very well managed event. Very well done. I was impressed by media attendance and on the spot comments.
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Lévy Managing Director, High Performance Refractories Good job. It is never easy nor enjoyable to have to announce bad news to our employees, but this needed to be done. Thank you for your strong involvement.
  • Roma Zgłobik PR and Communications Manager You are genius!
    Dorota, I beg you, show yourself off on the meeting with his action, I will for sure mention it. But I think it is worth repeating to Kees that Karol is a real expert in his sector!

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