We watch the market and react to changes.
We combine different perspectives and areas of expertise to take care of your image.

24/7 means analytics, strategy
and content production for communications.

We develop, promote and strengthen brands, companies, individuals, and institutions based on three pillars.


We conceive, create and distribute content that reaches the right people at the right time


We influence stakeholder opinions to drive positive, loyal and supportive behaviour


We build beneficial relationships that enhance trust between our clients and stakeholders


Communication Strategies
Brand Strategies
Content Marketing Strategy

Public Relations

Media Relations
Public Affairs
Product Communication
Corporate Communication
Internal Communication
Crisis Counseling
Reputation Management
Personal branding
CEO positioning
Ambient actions
Educational campaigns
Offline and online events

Public Affairs

Political monitoring and opinion leaders
Identification and establishing relationships
with opinion leaders in Poland and the EU
Building and executing a PA strategy
Monitoring legislative changes
Managing contacts with local communities
Organisation of debates and events
Development of road maps

Employer Branding

CEO Positioning
Recruitment Campaigns
Image Campaigns
HR Projects

Digital Marketing

Communication in social media
Monitoring and community management
Digital paid campaigns
Content marketing
Influencer marketing
SEO & Linkbuilding

Crisis communication

Crisis counseling
Crisis management
Audit and risk analysis
Recovery plans (reputation rebuild)
Media and speech training
Crisis workshops (simulations)


Video Podcasts

Sustainable Development and CSR

CSR and sustainable development strategy
CSR and ESG audit
Mapping SDG
Adaptations of global strategies
Workshops and training

Research and analyses

Communication Audit
Market Analysis
Social Listening
Content Analysis
Reputation Analysis
Opinion Surveys

We know your business environment well and can suggest what actions you should take. 

We create communication based on sectoral expertise.


Technology and Telecommunications

Finance and Insurance

FMCG, Consumer Goods

Food and Food Supply

Energy and Industrial Goods

Real and Commercial Estate, Constructions


Transport and Logistics

We make sure that the products and solutions we offer our clients are unique.

Deep Dive

Online talks take place virtually non-stop. These often include important information for your brand. Deep Dive is a tool that captures this perfectly. Then we use it to draw conclusions and go ahead with taking care of your image.

Deep Dive Plus

Deep Dive+ is an advanced version of the tool. It combines monitoring with CAWI. It allows for in-depth observation and profound conclusions, valuable for communication activities.

Stress Test

We are not afraid of crises - we are ready to tackle them. Stress Test, a training course operating under conditions that authentically represent a real crisis situation, will make you prepared too. With practical knowledge, you will be able to take the right steps in an efficient and thoughtful manner. Enough to emerge from any crisis unscathed and even turn it into an image success.

Reputation Survey

Reputation defines the value of a brand. It encourages stakeholders to act: buy, recommend, or invest in a brand. Our reputation survey will help you find out how you are perceived by the market. It will identify your strengths and areas that need to be strengthened.
It is available in various cyclical options.

We have built our own production studio within the agency.

We implement a comprehensive and coherent vision in one place.