Jan Wedel, whose contribution to the power of the Wedel brand was significant, left a secret message as part of his legacy. It was revealed during the Chocolate Weekend!

Visitors to the E. Wedel Chocolate Factory participated in a game during which they had to solve riddles and rebus puzzles located along the route and were related to the sweetest Polish brand. The participants who completed all tasks could discover the secret of Jan Wedel and receive sweet gifts.



?Discover the child within?.
This is what one of the creators of the chocolate power once said. Today, it is also a slogan used by the brand!
A meeting with top influencers, including gamer Jaś Dąbrowski and the team of Matura to Bzdura YouTube show, brought even more childlike joy to the visitors. The stars of the Internet explored the factory together with their fans and prepared great coverage of the event.
The influencers organized a popular Mannequin Challenge in the factory, during which it was extremely difficult not to take a bite of delicious chocolate produced by Wedel.


The Chocolate Weekend is an annual free event during which the E. Wedel Chocolate Factory, a symbol of the Praga district as well as the sweetest place in Warsaw, opens its doors to the public.
The event took place on 3-4 December 2016 and drew crowds fond of sweets. The smell of chocolate in the air accompanied many guests waiting in front of the entrance.
During the event, this friendly place offered many attractions to its visitors, including:
? chocolate production process on the Venus production line
? visit to the Atelier, where hand-made pralines and decorations for the Torcik Wedlowski (a chocolate covered wafer cake) are produced
? visit to the gallery of chocolate sculptures
? introduction to the history of the Wedel family and the history of chocolate production in Poland
Two Chocolate Masters, Joanna and Janusz Profus, also shared their experience and passion for chocolate with the visitors.


The employees of the E. Wedel Chocolate Factory were involved in the organization of the Chocolate Weekend together with their families. Parents were really happy to be tour guides or volunteers and children handed out sweets or helped in organizing the game.
In 2016, for the first time we organized an exclusive tour for the employees of the factory, their families and friends. The employees could show their workplace to their relatives and friends. Additionally, they had a chance to proudly show them around the sweetest place in Warsaw.

Wedel Czekoladowy Weekend 2016 Fabryka E.Wedel from 247communication on Vimeo.


The Chocolate Weekend was received with great interest.

  • In the first hours of registration, most of the tickets were booked.
  • In two days, the E. Wedel Chocolate Factory was visited by almost three thousand guests from all over Poland.
  • The event resulted in 67 publications in the press and on the Internet, five references on TV, four radio broadcasts and many positive feelings and priceless smiles.
  • The social media reach was over 776 500 on Instagram and 689 000 on Facebook.
  • The social media reach of the coverage published by Jaś Dąbrowski on Musical.ly was more than 75 000.


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