„Mam Haka na Raka” is a program which creates a responsible social attitude among young people. The program involves high school students in the process of building awareness about cancer prevention and reaches adults with the help of young people.


Mam Haka na Raka consists of two main stages. The first focuses on preparations and the registration of young people. Then, the participants receive educational materials on the type of cancer a given edition of the program focuses on. At the end of the first stage, the youth runs educational and informational campaigns within their local communities. A special event called „Dzień Hakowicza” is also organized on 4th February. This day is a culmination of actions taken by the participants from all regions to promote the idea of early cancer prevention. The second stage is opened with a Creative Workshop and the announcement of ?Znajdź Haka na Raka? competition in which young people have to create a social campaign project related to cancer prevention. The results are officially announced during a closing ceremony. Finally, the winning campaign is implemented by a professional advertising agency and the biggest award is the campaign being aired in the Polish media across the country.


During seven editions of the program, there were more than 22 thousand participants from the whole country who formed more than 4300 teams. The program was granted many nominations and awards, including Impactor 2011 for the CSR project of the year and European Excellence Awards 2008 in the category „National and Regional Campaign: Poland, Russia, Ukraine”. The winning campaigns planned by the young participants were published in the biggest Polish media and the billboards were present in the streets of many Polish cities and towns. In total, there were more than 4400 publications concerning the program.

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