McVitie?s is a leading British snack food brand which produces Britain?s favorite biscuits. They are known within 89% of British households. McVitie?s is one of three brands that British people say they would miss during their stay abroad. Now it is also available in Poland! To win Polish hearts, McVitie?s decided to launch a PR campaign and an advertising campaign on TV. 24/7Communication is responsible for the public relations activities and the production of the TV commercial.


McVitie?s biscuits are a delicious snack loved by people around the globe and consumed with great pleasure during short breaks that we take every day. A moment of rest with a cup of coffee or tea and a delicious biscuit became the theme of our TV commercial. A young woman, often a mother, has some time for herself and chooses her favorite snack ? McVitie?s biscuits. A look of delight may immediately be seen on her face and the viewers may almost hear how delicate and crispy the biscuit is and may easily identify how the woman feels.

McVities – TV commercial from 247communication on Vimeo.



The commercial was aired in the spring on major TV stations, such as TVP, Polsat and TVN. It reminded many people of crispy digestive biscuits.

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