Why join us?

24/7Communication prides itself for providing best-in-class strategic communication for world’s leading firms. Being a part of that is awesome. When it comes to benefits and ‘package’, we have an offer that is beyond market standards. Still special needs? we’re superflex and glad to talk through individual need find the best mutual sweet spot.

Engage with world leading firms

Through 24/7 you will work directly with global leading companies. You are part of top-level teams. An amazing learning experience.

Super flexible work conditions

24/7-ers work when, were and how they best suit it in their personal life. We follow the work-life fit philosophy which means building Your work around private life and not the other way around.

Workation possibility

Work, travel, rest. Workation is a great opportunity to visit interesting places, while having the comfort of employment and financial stability.

Individual growth path

Our HR team coaches you on your individual growth path. Your manager will be your mentor, helping to develop your professional skills and provides you with constant constructive feedback.

Training & learning

Our ‘Excellence Yourself’ program provides you knowledge, skills and inspiration to develop. As a professional, and as a happy person.

Salary package

We constant benchmark our financial offering to ensure our salaries matches our status as a leading PR firm.

Medical cover

Access through quality medical care of LuxMed allows You to adequately take care of Your health.

Sports engagement

We encourage healthy lifestyle – having a Multisport package will help You stay always fit.

Team Integration

In 24/7 we care about each other. and our relations. We enjoy ourselves during our quarterly ‘Agency LIVE’ events and team integrations.